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Streamax B20CS Package

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The B20CS package contains one of Streamax's smallest MDVRs (mobile Digital Video Recorder) combined with a dual-headed camera for extra versatility. This package is best used as a solution for those who require a forward-facing dash camera and an in-cabin internal-facing camera. The package also comes with a minimum of 7 days of footage retention.


Package includes:

  • 1x M1-SH0401 Mobile Digital Video Recorder

  • 1x Dual cam internal/external facing infrared 960P camera

  • 2x 5M Camera extension cable

  • 1x 256GB SD for 7 days footage storage

  • Status indicator & Cabling kit

  • Built-in GPS to record travel data with video

  • Optional 4G module for remote access (does not come with sim)*